Vuka Africa Consulting Engineer’s vision is to be a leading engineering, project management, infra-structural development, empowerment company commited to the reconstruction and development of the resources of South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world.


Key factors in the Vision are:


  • Responsiveness;
  • Reliability;
  • Appropriate cutting-edge technology, total quality and profitability, and timely engineering solution;
  • The development of our communities and our nation(s) at large;
  • The protection of the environment;
  • and The empowerment of the previously disadvantaged, women and protection of childen and the disabled.



Be the preferred supplier of profiable selected engineering services to a broad customer base through sustained quality service;
Survive and thrive with integrity and enterprise thereby creating stakeholder wealth and opportunities for employee advancement;
Provide total quality, cost effective , professional and timely engineering solutions and products to satisfy the business needs of VACE’s client;
Be the most responsive and reliable engineering company in the industry;
Encourage and support the empowerment of the previously disenfranchised individuals and communities;
Promote science and technology at basic education levels as well as interfacing with university, FET College and University of Technology student and creating opportunities for practical training within VACE;
Promote skills transfer to previously disadvantaged individuals and communities;
Engage in equal opportunity development with special emphasis to the empowerment of women in the target groups, the protection of childen and disabled individuals; and
Instil safety and environmental sensitivity in VACE.

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